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Since it’s inception in 2001 East Coast Wharf Constructions has successfully completed large scale work on wharves, bridges, marinas, travel lifts, retaining walls as well as other public and private maritime infrastructure.

We are one of the largest privately owned maritime construction specialists on the east coast of Australia.

Our team has over 20 years expertise in traditional and modern bridge construction as well as wharf carpentry.

Most of our work has come from recommendations from satisfied customers.

East Coast Wharf Constructions provides a wide range of maritime building and maintenance services including marinas, wharves, boat ramps, slipways, pontoons, seawalls, demolition, concreting, dredging, barge hire, crane hire, welding, sandblasting, diving services and moorings.

We own and operate a large range of floating plants including pile driving rigs, crane barges, dumb barges and punts.

We pride ourselves on our skill, innovation and our commitment to quality constructions.

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