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    Highly experienced, reliable and professional team with long proven track record-in excess of 20 years’ experience as jetty and wharf builders.

    Our pontoons are unsurpassed in their stability in rough water. They have a unique style of flotation that allows wave action to dissipate through the flotation modules instead of lifting and violently bucking like the traditional box type pontoons. The floats are made from High density Polyethylene modules that are more durable than other modules available. The floatation modules allow us to distribute the buoyancy anywhere we need to and allowing us to mount the ramps at the very back of the pontoon or off to one side if need be. This maximises the usable deck area on the pontoon and ensures the pontoon sits level in the water. Our pontoons are stainless steel fastened throughout and have a large D section rubber fitted all round and large cleats fitted to suit your vessel. These pontoons are also very neat with oiled hardwood decking.


    East Coast Wharf Constructions comprises of two main activities: one is geared up for the commercial constructions and the second is purely focused on the residential and domestic market. The residential and domestic market is the grass roots business of East Coast Wharf Constructions. We are passionate about providing residents with the highest quality structures available. They are not only structurally sound but are also aesthetically top class. Our wharves, jetties and pontoons are built to the highest standards with all our materials & timber handpicked for each application, there is absolutely no doubt we have set the highest standards and at the best prices around. We take pride in our joinery and pay attention to every detail of our work. Over the years we have seen many companies installing wharves and jetties with little to no effort put into their joinery or any detail. Our domestic -residential wharves come with dozens of different styles and designs. We will build the structure to whatever design you like and have hundreds of past projects that can be viewed for you to choose from if required.


    We have refined the method of slipway, skid ramp and boat ramp construction over the years. We have many examples of our work along Australia’s East Coast, all at varying ages which is evidence that our work stands the test of time.
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